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The Beauty of Simplifying

It’s liberating. It’s empowering. What I’m I talking about? I’m talking about not having so much stuff. It took for me to move out of the country in 2015 and come back seven months later. I had a beautifully furnished … Continue reading

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The Beauty of Solitude

One of the reasons I love the countryside is for the peacefulness and the quietness that can be found there. Nothing can compare with listening to the sound of real birds in the morning (not an alarm clock sound or … Continue reading

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Giving back

Here in the Dominican Republic, kids start the school year in August. This year I was able to do something that God had put in my heart for some time. I, with a group of amazing people who have amazing … Continue reading

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“I learned that COURAGE was not the absence of fear, but THE TRIUMPH OVER IT.  THE BRAVE MAN is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who CONQUERS THAT FEAR,” ~Nelson Mandela There is a big mess in … Continue reading

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What I am reading on the plane

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Let Go

Was there someone who came into your life?  Someone you did not necessarily invite, but somehow, filtered into your life, uninvited and unwelcome?  They somehow forced their way into your life, into being part of you.  Your instincts clearly told … Continue reading

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Become a runner

My challenge started Tuesday, January 17, 2015.  But you can start today or set your own date for when you want to start. If you have never been a runner before, or if you haven’t run in a long time, … Continue reading

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