Work On Your Work

Being grateful for the little things will help you to be grateful for the big things. You heard the saying “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” If you don’t give the first step because you think it’s too small or too little, you will not be able to celebrate the big milestones.

It is being consistent with the little steps and being grateful of those small achievements that will help us to accomplish bigger and bigger ones.  It is enjoying the journey, enjoying the process.  It is being bold enough to go ahead and do something even when you feel you are not fully ready to do so.

Many of us wait to do things “when we are ready.” What is this? When we are ready? So what if you are not perfect in the beginning. Begin it anyways. So what if you get criticized for working on that thing that you feel deeply about. Work on it anyways. You will become better and better in the process of doing that which you think you are not yet ready for.  So stop making excuses and do it anyways; even if you think it sucks.

Keep grinding and keep working hard. Don’t just work when you feel motivated to do so, because then you will be inconsistent. That’s why discipline is so important; discipline helps you do the work whether you feel like doing it or not. Work on it; work at it. Do your thing.  Don’t give a care about the negative criticism.  Negative criticism is created to see if you care enough to do it regardless of the negative critics.  Amazing things can happen when you do what you need to do, when you work on what you need to work.   So work on what you need to work.

God bless you, with love,


Contentment In The Midst of A Crisis

Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.  They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”

~Isaiah 40:31 NIV


Today I felt such a joy and satisfaction at work. There was a major system down issue, which happened since yesterday early afternoon. This morning when I arrived at work, the computer system was still down. Now, this was a major issue because in order for me to prepare the assignments for my team of over sixty, the system is needed. The first thing I did was to pray and to present the day to God.  I also was calmed; I knew what to do and what process to follow. I have to say that in the middle of chaos, I felt a special form of contentment, because I knew how to handle the situation.

I am grateful to God that everything worked out well and when the system came back up, we just transcribed the information to the system. I also noticed how well the team responded to the crisis. I shared with them in our morning meeting that I needed their full cooperation on this matter to ensure we had a successful operation and they all responded well. I felt that everyone was more collaborative than ever before.

I have to say that the way we handled this situation brought so much joy to me today, personally and professionally. I felt the team worked extremely well together.

Having contentment in the midst of a crisis can be and should be applied in any area of our lives. It can be applied in our daily, personal lives. Doing the best we can and learning from our day-to-day experiences can prepare us to stay calm and to be content when crisis happen. When chaos happens, focus on the solution, not on the problem. Talk to your team (in your personal life, they are the people close to you, your loved ones); tell them that you need their full collaboration. In the midst of crisis, there is no time for drama, as drama is distraction and you need your full focus and full attention on problem solving of a real situation. The first thing I did after learning the system was still down was to pray. I presented my day to God. I asked Him for the wisdom to have a successful day. I am grateful to God for I did…we did.


God bless you, with love,




“I will lead the blind by ways they have not known, along unfamiliar paths I will guide them; I will turn the darkness into light before them and make the rough places smooth.”

~Isaiah 42:16 NIV

There will be times that you will not know exactly where you are being taken.  There will be times that you will not even know how you got to where you got.  There will be times that you will simply feel too tired to carry on.  It is in those times that you must rest in God.  It is, specially, in those times that you must have an indubitable faith.

…then you will see the path clearly.  You will see God’s amazing love for you.  Your strength will be renewed grander then ever before.

God bless you, with love,


Thank you 2017! Thank you so much! 2018, WELCOME!

Every time I thank someone or “something,” I am really thanking God for that someone or something. What I really mean is “Thank you God for 2017.” So many beautiful and amazing things happened to me in 2017. There were some major challenges as well, but God I thank you for every single one of them, for they made me stronger and better as a person…as a human being.

Some major take away for me in 2017 were:

  • Motherhood
  • So grateful for my mom
  • Forgiving
  • Trusting God fully – His plan is better than my plan
  • Recovery
  • Prayer – this was big in 2017
  • Family re-reunion
  • Gratitude
  • Appreciation
  • Love

I have four nieces and two nephews. I love them and I love spending time with them. Unfortunately they don’t live close to me except my oldest niece – who is now a teenager. My youngest niece is seven years old. I wish I could say that having six nieces and nephews, I was already a pro taking care of infants when my baby was born. But that was not the case. I looked up on YouTube how to change a diaper and thank God for the YouTube moms who were sharing tips on how to take care of a baby. They were lifesavers. Yet within a short period of time, I did feel like a pro myself taking care of my baby.  I would say it was a combination of motherly instinct, reading about babies, and binging on YouTube on videos about babies. In 2017, I experienced for the first time being a mom. I am extremely grateful for that.

If you’ve read my previous posts, you’ll know that when I gave birth to my baby, my husband was still in The Dominican Republic awaiting his visa to come to the US. My mother, who wasn’t fully recovered from her third spinal cord surgery, was with me when my baby was born and she was a tremendous help. I am so grateful for her being there for me.  I don’t know what I would have done without her, since at the beginning I could not do much due to my C-section.  My eight weeks recovery felt like an eternity, but eventually I regained my strength, was able to walk straight up again and take on duties full force. Yet, the time my mother was with me was crucial and extremely important.  I will never forget that, and what she went thru for I know that she pushed herself to be there for me when she herself was still supposed to be resting and recovering from her spinal cord surgery. Thank you mom for being there for me in what has been, up until now, the most physically vulnerable time of my life as an adult.

It is important to forgive and to forgive from the heart. Don’t hold negative feelings towards anybody. It doesn’t do any good to you. Plus remember, God forgave us, who are we not to forgive others?

While 2017 was full of blessings, those blessings did not come without obstacles. There were days that I was worried and did not know what to do. Especially when the time to go back to work (after having my baby) was approaching. While my mother had been a tremendous help when I had my baby, she could not stay with me to take care of my baby when time to go back to work came. I started stressing and worrying about who would take care of my baby.  I turned to God for guidance and God was my guide in 2017 every step of the way.  I made the decision to take my baby to The Dominican Republic to stay with my husband.  My husband gave full unconditional love to our baby during the five months our baby was there.

Of course I was missing my baby enormously, but again I turned to God for guidance, and I wrote a letter to immigration asking them to expedite my husband’s visa hence my baby who was with him and I could all be united as a family.  My request was approved and a few months later my baby, my husband and I were all reunited.  Days before they arrived, I had signed the lease for our new apartment in my desired location. God acted right on time, no too soon, not too late.  I learned to trust God at a deeper level.  Even now, as I recount these events, I am in awe for my God.  My communication with God grew in such a way that I would communicate every single plan to Him and put it in His hands and I say, “God, if it is your will, it will be done.” I am also very grateful for the real estate young lady who helped us. She was kind. She was professional. she knew I needed a place for me and my family who was coming soon and she did everything she could to ensure we got our place. God I thank you for her.

In conclusion, 2017 was a year full of new experiences and challenges for me.  I am so grateful to God for everything. I am grateful for the power of prayer. To me Thanksgiving is not one day in the year. To me Thanksgiving is every day. I have so much to be thankful for. Every day, I live in gratitude. I have so much to be grateful for. God, I love you!

2018 I welcome you with open arms.  2017, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

God Bless you!



The Beauty of Simplifying

It’s liberating. It’s empowering. What I’m I talking about? I’m talking about not having so much stuff. It took for me to move out of the country in 2015 and come back seven months later. I had a beautifully furnished apartment…and then I was selling everything, except for my clothes and my books. I took boxes and boxes of books, and my over 100 pairs of shoes with me to the Dominican Republic. I sold a sofa that I had purchased for over $900.00 dollars for $400.00. I got rid of a tempurpedic mattress that had cost $3,000.00 dollars. I got rid of a lot of stuff: nice and expensive kitchen ware, book shelf, desk, desk chair, printer, stuff, stuff, and more stuff.

Many of my friends and colleagues were shocked to find out I was making such big change. After all, I had a very stable job and a very nice apartment (with no roommates). But I felt that I needed a change and God knows I am glad I did it. If it would not have been for that decision, my baby might not have been here today, for it was during the time spent in DR that I got to know my husband better (at the time he was my boyfriend).  I also got to know my native land better. I got to spend time with local Dominicans on a day-to-day basis (not just as a tourist). It was during that time that my life was not just about work work work, but I was more in tune with nature. Heck, it was during that time that I was eating fresh fish directly from the sea, brought by the fishermen and on to the kitchen. It was during that time that I got to see and experience first hand the tremendous work ethics that many Dominicans have. I got to love them a little more during that time.

Fast forward seven months later, I came back to New Jersey & New York City (I live in Jersey, work in the city). This time, I only brought two bags with me. All of my over 100 pairs of shoes, plus most of my books were left back in DR. I realized that having stuff could be more a burden than a blessing, at least when you are traveling and moving around. This realization is quite liberating for me spiritually, as well as for my pocket (or for my hard earned money).

So what is simplifying? To me it is buying things that I really need or that will serve a valid purpose. It is getting rid of things that will not add value or serve a purpose to me. It is being more spiritually in tune and less connected to the superficial world. If I would have been the type of person who gets attached to “things.” I would not have made that trip to DR, and I would have missed on a heck of a great lifetime experience and blessing.

By the way…I came back to work with the same company I had worked for when I left. You see, when you do the right thing and when you have good work ethics, people will give you the opportunity. So don’t be afraid, just do the right thing.

God bless you,


My Pregnancy

Here I am… I was absent from blogging for quiet a few months. I blame it on the severe morning sickness I had during my pregnancy. Yes! I am a mom! and it is a beautiful experience. But before I get into all the details of being a mom, I want to share my memory, my experience during my pregnancy.

First of all, all women are different and every pregnancy is different. That’s what my doctor told me…and friends who’ve already have been thru it. I will speak about my experience.

I started feeling different right about a month and a half into my pregnancy. I started feeling extremely sleepy. I would come home from work and I would fall asleep until next day. Prior to my pregnancy, I was taking some tae kwon do class and I remember one day that I had to attend class, I was taking a nap and I struggled to wake myself up and get out of bed. Shortly after that, my doctor confirmed that I was pregnant.  My blessing started growing each day inside of me. Happiness and joy filled me, while at the same time my body started to change. All of a sudden my body started to feel hot all the time. I hated meat for the first few months, but craved it during the later months. Prior to my pregnancy, I could not imagine life without coffee and during my pregnancy (and still now, postpartum) I dislike coffee. Even now, after I gave birth to my baby, I don’t crave coffee (but who knows, sometimes I find myself needing the energy boost the coffee used to give me). Another factor that changed for me was that I like my drinking water room temperature and during my pregnancy I only drank water if it was ice cold.

Almost from the beginning of my pregnancy, I started vomiting. During my first and second trimester, I would vomit daily, sometimes three to four times a day. I started dehydrating. Instead of gaining weight, I was losing weight. I was hospitalized due to dehydration. The doctor prescribed me medicine to control the vomiting. When I was twenty-two weeks, I was hospitalized again due to pain and discomfort on my lower abdomen. At the hospital they told me that I was having contractions due to dehydration, which was due to all the vomiting. I had to take a couple of weeks off from work to have bed rest and take care of myself.  During most of my pregnancy, I was by myself, as my husband was in The Dominican Republic and my mother was having spinal cord surgery in Florida. Luckily for me, I never felt depressed. Even with my severe vomiting I managed to make it to work almost every day. My breathing became very heavy and oftentimes I found myself gasping for air. My team at work was very supportive and very loving.  In addition, I had some people who were very caring and attentive, like Delsy, my nice’s Querin’s mom and Don chucho.  I also felt like I had angels surrounding me and protecting my baby and me.

I was planning on working for as long as I could until my due date. But about a month before my due date, I was at work and I started feeling very sick. Moments later the paramedics came and I was taken to NYU medical center. Right after this event took place, my doctor put me out of work.  I wanted to have a vaginal delivery, however, after two days of labor pain (contractions started on Monday and Baby was born on Wednesday), I delivered via C-section.  It was the most beautiful day of my life. As soon as I heard my baby crying when the doctor said, “It’s a boy!” I started laughing with joy right in the operating room.

My pregnancy was a rough pregnancy. But the joy my baby has brought to my life is indescribable. I am so grateful and so blessed. Thank you God! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

 My baby and I…just minutes of baby being born             Picture with grandma at the hospital

First time on his car seat.  Day we were discharged from the hospital

God bless you all,


Thank You 2016, Welcome 2017

Hello everyone,

It may seem late to say Thank you 2016 and Welcome 2017, as we are a quarter into 2017. However this has been my tradition to thank every old year and to welcome the new one on my blog. It has been quite a while since the last time I wrote and posted something. The reason for it: I was pregnant and my symptoms were very bad (I had hyperemesis). But I am happy to report that I am mom to a beautiful baby boy.  He was born on February. That being said, I thank God for 2016; there were many blessings and lessons learned.

2017, Welcome! My baby boy Isaac Ismael was born this year. Thank you God!  Just days ago it was my birthday, on March 18th, and my best gift from God was my baby.   My next post is actually about my experience being pregnant.   I wish you all the best.

With Love,



“I learned that COURAGE was not the absence of fear, but THE TRIUMPH OVER IT.  THE BRAVE MAN is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who CONQUERS THAT FEAR,”

~Nelson Mandela

There is a big mess in my apartment in preparation for the big move.  I’ve been getting things ready and have neglected the writing a little.  But I can’t wait to get my fingers back on my keyboard and type my fingerprints off of them.  Ok, that’s obviously an exaggeration; what I am simply trying to say is that I miss this moment…my writing moment.  It feels very special to me.  It is like a therapy and it allows me to share things with someone out there.

Pretty soon, I will resume back to publish posts more frequent.  I am making some major changes this year: moving, taking my career to the next level, focusing more on wellbeing and redefining success in my life.  Since the beginning of this year (2015),  I knew I was making some changes and it is now happening.  The book  Thrive by Ariana Huffington helped to reinforce my decision.  It is a great book and she touches so many important points about life and about what success truly is.   I will share more about these changes in upcoming posts but for now I just want to say that I am grateful everyday and I am looking ahead.

I wish you all that you can find in your hearts the courage and the discipline to make those changes you’ve been wanting to make and you know are for better.  I myself, am a work in progress, but it’s a beautiful journey nevertheless.


God bless you – with lots of love,