Thank you 2017! Thank you so much! 2018, WELCOME!

Every time I thank someone or “something,” I am really thanking God for that someone or something. What I really mean is “Thank you God for 2017.” So many beautiful and amazing things happened to me in 2017. There were some major challenges as well, but God I thank you for every single one of them, for they made me stronger and better as a person…as a human being.

Some major take away for me in 2017 were:

  • Motherhood
  • So grateful for my mom
  • Forgiving
  • Trusting God fully – His plan is better than my plan
  • Recovery
  • Prayer – this was big in 2017
  • Family re-reunion
  • Gratitude
  • Appreciation
  • Love

I have four nieces and two nephews. I love them and I love spending time with them. Unfortunately they don’t live close to me except my oldest niece – who is now a teenager. My youngest niece is seven years old. I wish I could say that having six nieces and nephews, I was already a pro taking care of infants when my baby was born. But that was not the case. I looked up on YouTube how to change a diaper and thank God for the YouTube moms who were sharing tips on how to take care of a baby. They were lifesavers. Yet within a short period of time, I did feel like a pro myself taking care of my baby.  I would say it was a combination of motherly instinct, reading about babies, and binging on YouTube on videos about babies. In 2017, I experienced for the first time being a mom. I am extremely grateful for that.

If you’ve read my previous posts, you’ll know that when I gave birth to my baby, my husband was still in The Dominican Republic awaiting his visa to come to the US. My mother, who wasn’t fully recovered from her third spinal cord surgery, was with me when my baby was born and she was a tremendous help. I am so grateful for her being there for me.  I don’t know what I would have done without her, since at the beginning I could not do much due to my C-section.  My eight weeks recovery felt like an eternity, but eventually I regained my strength, was able to walk straight up again and take on duties full force. Yet, the time my mother was with me was crucial and extremely important.  I will never forget that, and what she went thru for I know that she pushed herself to be there for me when she herself was still supposed to be resting and recovering from her spinal cord surgery. Thank you mom for being there for me in what has been, up until now, the most physically vulnerable time of my life as an adult.

It is important to forgive and to forgive from the heart. Don’t hold negative feelings towards anybody. It doesn’t do any good to you. Plus remember, God forgave us, who are we not to forgive others?

While 2017 was full of blessings, those blessings did not come without obstacles. There were days that I was worried and did not know what to do. Especially when the time to go back to work (after having my baby) was approaching. While my mother had been a tremendous help when I had my baby, she could not stay with me to take care of my baby when time to go back to work came. I started stressing and worrying about who would take care of my baby.  I turned to God for guidance and God was my guide in 2017 every step of the way.  I made the decision to take my baby to The Dominican Republic to stay with my husband.  My husband gave full unconditional love to our baby during the five months our baby was there.

Of course I was missing my baby enormously, but again I turned to God for guidance, and I wrote a letter to immigration asking them to expedite my husband’s visa hence my baby who was with him and I could all be united as a family.  My request was approved and a few months later my baby, my husband and I were all reunited.  Days before they arrived, I had signed the lease for our new apartment in my desired location. God acted right on time, no too soon, not too late.  I learned to trust God at a deeper level.  Even now, as I recount these events, I am in awe for my God.  My communication with God grew in such a way that I would communicate every single plan to Him and put it in His hands and I say, “God, if it is your will, it will be done.” I am also very grateful for the real estate young lady who helped us. She was kind. She was professional. she knew I needed a place for me and my family who was coming soon and she did everything she could to ensure we got our place. God I thank you for her.

In conclusion, 2017 was a year full of new experiences and challenges for me.  I am so grateful to God for everything. I am grateful for the power of prayer. To me Thanksgiving is not one day in the year. To me Thanksgiving is every day. I have so much to be thankful for. Every day, I live in gratitude. I have so much to be grateful for. God, I love you!

2018 I welcome you with open arms.  2017, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

God Bless you!



The Beauty of Solitude

One of the reasons I love the countryside is for the peacefulness and the quietness that can be found there. Nothing can compare with listening to the sound of real birds in the morning (not an alarm clock sound or a white noise machine). At the same time, I am so blessed to have the opportunity to work in one of the best and busiest cities in the world: New York City.

Yes, I love New York City. In 2015, as you know (if you’ve read my previous posts), I took a nice detour in my career and moved to The Dominican Republic. While I was there, I got to know my native land a little better and visited quite a few places. I reconnected with my roots.   While I was there however, I realized how much I missed New York City. Seven months later, I came back to The Big Apple.

I enjoy working in one of the busiest places in the world, yet I also love the peacefulness that is found in solitude and in quietness. How good it feels to read a book and just be still. How special it is to spend time in silence with God. It is in solitude that I come up with so many ideas and with solutions to “problems.”

When I had my baby, shortly after, I discovered that breast milk doesn’t just come out. At the beginning, I was a little stressed about not having enough supply for my demander. Colostrum, as I found out, is more precious than gold. And breast milk is absolutely the winner of the label “gold liquid.” But I remember that it was one night, a few days after my baby was born that my letdown (breast milk) really happened. It was an evening on which I was quiet, the baby was sleeping soundly, and so was my mom, who was with me in the hospital, and I was just feeling very peaceful in that moment, in solitude.

God bless you,