What do I do first?  There is a lot to do and little time to do it.  Learn what is really important to you for you, in your life and career.  Take care of what must have to be taken care of, and that only you can take care of. 

Delegate and leverage those tasks that need to be done, but not necessarily by you, to others.  Delegating and leveraging effectively will free up chunks of time for you to focus and to take care of other priorities that can only be done by you. 

Simplify your process.  Test it out to see what works.  Mark Zuckerberg wears the same shirt to work out.  He simplified his action to work out.  He doesn’t have to take time thinking what is he going to wear to work out. He is practical.  He frees up time on unimportant stuffs to utilize his time on things that matter.  So start simplifying your systems to get you to get thing s done.  I for example, make me a juice or a smoothie daily.  I wash my veggies before placing them in the fridge.  Then in the morning, I just take my veggies out and make the juice.  I have simplified the process to help me to get my juice done each day.  But when I used to put my veggies in the fridge without washing them first, I did not make my veggies daily.  It would take weeks and even longer for me to make my juice or smoothies.  Making my veggie juice and drinking it is a top priority for me.  Some tasks if not really important can be crossed out as done, by simply removing them from the to do list altogether.

God Bless you, with love,


Plan, Don’t Over Plan

I am working on ways to plan more often, to be more organized and to help me achieve my goals. I love the process because I am finding what works for me. I love note taking and I really like the process of planning and organizing. However, sometimes the process of planning can go on and on and on…without execution. You’ve heard the saying “Prepare to plan or plan to fail.” Well, I say prepare to execute your plan or plan to fail. A plan without execution is nothing but a wish, or a dream, or nothing at all.

So I say, yes, do plan, but don’t over plan. Rather, execute your plan and in the execution process you will find out if your plan works or if you need to tweak it or change the plan altogether. Now that I have a family of my own and I’m also a career woman, time has become even more precious to me. So I like to simplify processes that still will create great results. But I am also learning by doing. I am learning that making small steps consistently can even be more powerful than taking big leaps once in a blue moon.

I recommend the book The Self Discipline Blueprint by Patrick Edblad. I like this book because this book is about getting you to have the discipline to do what you need to do. But this book is also about self-care. It covers topics about the importance of having a good nutrition, about sleeping enough quality hours, about moving your body and staying active and it tells you why these things are important. And then you understand that if you want to accomplish certain goals in your life, you better start working on the things that will help you get there.

So plan, don’t over plan.


God bless you, with love,


About Finding Ultra


This book was given to me by a friend at work.  I just started reading it and it is already on my list of favorite books.  Just the preface alone almost made me tear.  This is a story about willpower, but I am finding, within the story, other mini-stories.  One of them for example is on the preface.  Rich is recounting day two of the Ultraman competition.  Day one had been a success and he had finished in 1st place with 10 minutes ahead o the 2nd place competitor.

On day 2, the story was much more different.  He fell off his bike and got hurt.  His bicycle lost a pedal and it happened in the one area where the assistance crew was not allowed to park which meant he was all alone with no one to help.  That was it for him.  There was no way he could continue the race.  He had no choice but to quit as there was no way he could race the one hundred thirty five miles he still had a ahead of him on a broken bicycle.  What a shame, all his hard work was thrown away in a matter of seconds.

He got on his bike and pedaled with one leg while the other hanged loose.  There was one more mile before he could get to where the assistance crew was waiting.  There he would mount his bike on his truck and head back to the hotel. How embarrassed must he had felt.  It was all over for him…or so he thought. This is where the assistance crew came into play and this is where you understand that no one makes it alone.  His assistance crew was there to help him, but that was not what stroke me as that was expected.  What impacted me the most was when he says “I’m suddenly surrounded by half a dozen crew members–from other competitors’ crews–all rushing to my aid.” What impacted me also was the action of Peter getting him a new pedal so that he could continue the race then looked him in the eye and told him “This is not over. Now, get back on your bike and get id done.”

My Bicycle and I


The summer is over and it’s time for autumn, but did I have a memorable summer time with my bicycle this past summer… I purchased my bicycle, a Giant Escape, last year (2012).  I had been wanting to change my workout and exercise routing and put some excitement to it, other than just hit the Gym every time.  So I opted for a good brand bicycle.  When I got my Giant, it was love at first ride.


Riding my bicycle gave me a sense of freedom and empowerment.  I felt the wind caress me.  I heard the sound of the birds.  Every time I rode my bicycle, I was present.  I was in the moment.  The summer of 2012 and this past summer I rode it On and Thru the George Washington Bridge; this was an experience I will never forget.   I truly felt I could go anywhere on my bicycle.  It was a feeling I cannot describe.  Let’s just say that each time I rode it, I became in tune with my self, with my surroundings.  I also became more in touch with nature.  It was just my bicycle and I.


I like photography and sometimes I would take my camera, with me and take random pictures of the scenery.



I took pictures of the trees while lying down on a bench in the park. 

IMG_3575 IMG_3577 IMG_3579 IMG_3580 IMG_3581



In this amazing, beautiful and busy world, where routine sometimes tends to get the best of us, I urge you to find time for yourself, time to ride, time to jump, time to run, time to laugh, time to meditate, time to just be in tune with your self, and where you are completely present in the moment.

Don’t wait to accomplish something big to feel successful.  You are already successful.  Keep setting goals for yourself that keep you motivated and continue to challenge yourself, but know that success is a state of mind and you can create that state of mind.  When you create a state of mind in which you always feel successful, you will start attracting to your life all those other things that will help you continue to be successful

Thank you