When Loved Ones Don’t Understand

Have you ever find yourself sharing your ideas, goals, dreams with someone close to you, thinking they will be excited and rooting for you. Next you find out they will be the first one to make you feel doubt and discourage you before you even begin.  This is why many people have become guarded with whom they share their dreams and goals.

They will look to guard themselves from someone who:

  • Will not genuinely support them.
  • Cares about them but who will make the wrong comments or suggestions out of fear.
  • Wants you to play it safe and avoid pursuing your biggest goals and dreams because they are not guaranteed to happen.

Sometimes there will be people close to you who will not give you the support you thought they would. Don’t let this discourage you. If this happens, you must still keep on going. Learn that this doesn’t only happen to you.   Most people who started something they wanted or believed in, found some form of opposition.

Oftentimes believe it or not, that opposition can come from oneself. When you find a thousand excuses not to do something, not to start something, that’s opposition coming from within. And out of all oppositions you may face, the one from within is the worst of all.

So let’s work on yourself by being your number one fan to yourself. Root for yourself. Despite of oppositions (conscious or unconscious), there are still so many people who inspire us to be our best, who motivate us. And even when you feel lonely on your own quest, keep on going. Stay away from those who discourage you and find your community of support. Those who genuinely care about you and have your best interest at heart will soon or later also join in with encouragement and support.

God bless you, with love,


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