What do I do first?  There is a lot to do and little time to do it.  Learn what is really important to you for you, in your life and career.  Take care of what must have to be taken care of, and that only you can take care of. 

Delegate and leverage those tasks that need to be done, but not necessarily by you, to others.  Delegating and leveraging effectively will free up chunks of time for you to focus and to take care of other priorities that can only be done by you. 

Simplify your process.  Test it out to see what works.  Mark Zuckerberg wears the same shirt to work out.  He simplified his action to work out.  He doesn’t have to take time thinking what is he going to wear to work out. He is practical.  He frees up time on unimportant stuffs to utilize his time on things that matter.  So start simplifying your systems to get you to get thing s done.  I for example, make me a juice or a smoothie daily.  I wash my veggies before placing them in the fridge.  Then in the morning, I just take my veggies out and make the juice.  I have simplified the process to help me to get my juice done each day.  But when I used to put my veggies in the fridge without washing them first, I did not make my veggies daily.  It would take weeks and even longer for me to make my juice or smoothies.  Making my veggie juice and drinking it is a top priority for me.  Some tasks if not really important can be crossed out as done, by simply removing them from the to do list altogether.

God Bless you, with love,


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