Definition of “Explore” according to The American Heritage® dictionary: 1.To investigate systematically. 2. To search or travel into for the purpose of discovery.

As a little girl, growing up in the Dominican Republic, my native country, my mother and I used to move a lot to different cities and provinces.  Among the places I lived in DR are, Santo Domingo, Puerto Plata, and Higuey, where the famous Punta Cana is located.  My maternal grandparents used to own a farm in a little town about an hour away from the capital, called Mata De Palma, which means Palm Tree.  As a child, there was no other place I wished to be other than this little country-town; I’ll tell you why.  I used to ride horses, and played outdoors every day with my friends.  Everyone in the town knew each other and the neighbors were like family.  I was like a little monkey climbing mango trees, palm trees, orange trees and any kind of trees.  When the day was too hot we would walk to the canal or the river for a swim. We ate the freshest foods as it was all naturally grown.  I will always cherish those memories from my childhood.

As an adult, I still love the country, but there are so many other things I have a passion for: traveling, eating good food, spending quality time with friends, visiting museums, landmarks, parks, and going to different places. I enjoy doing outdoor sports, among which is my newest obsession, bicycling.  I could not picture life without a book as reading to me is and adventure on its own. And I don’t have to mention I love to write, otherwise, why would I blog. More so, I have a passion for a very special City to me.  I’m having a romance with New York City, but being in love with “the City,” as New Yorkers call it, comes with the whole package and that includes FASHION, a melting pot of cultures, and free spirit people.  There is so much to explore in the big apple alone.

I was always a picky eater, specially when it came to eating my vegetables.  But I have realized that in order to explore life and to truly enjoy life experiences, nutrition has to play a central role.  When I am eating well, I feel great; I am full of energy and I feel that I can accomplish great things.  This is the reason I started exploring nutrition.

When I go to places, in addition to observing my surroundings, I pay very close attention to the service provided, not just to me but also to the people around me.  We don’t need a class in business to know that without customers a business could not sustain itself, so I don’t’ get it when some business representatives are rude and don’t even try to disguise it.

Querin Explores is the platform where I share with all of you all the things I enjoy doing, and the things that raise an interest whether it is an issue of concern or an article of inspiration. I will do this with the customer service mindset that working in the hospitality industry all these years has embedded in me.   I’m adventurous and I like to discover new things. In short, I am a very curious individual. I question everything; what else can I say? This is the way God made me ;).  I’m a critical thinker and observer. I am an explorer…and so are you!

Here is a list of some of the things Querin explores :

  • Hospitality
  • Customer Service
  • Proper Etiquette
  • Image Consulting
  • Fashion
  • Career
  • Education
  • Nutrition
  • Health & Fitness
  • Community Service
  • Self development and of others
  • Outdoor activities
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Branding
  • Photography
  • Writing
  • People
  • Places
  • Society
  • Cultures
  • History
  • Geography
  • Self discipline
  • Organization
  • Finance and money management
  • Books
  • Time management
  • Life and work balance
  • Pretty things that inspire me
  • Words
  • Design and Interior Decor
  • Life Style
  • And everything that cause a curiosity in me

Ready, Set, Explore!



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