Plan, Don’t Over Plan

I am working on ways to plan more often, to be more organized and to help me achieve my goals. I love the process because I am finding what works for me. I love note taking and I really like the process of planning and organizing. However, sometimes the process of planning can go on and on and on…without execution. You’ve heard the saying “Prepare to plan or plan to fail.” Well, I say prepare to execute your plan or plan to fail. A plan without execution is nothing but a wish, or a dream, or nothing at all.

So I say, yes, do plan, but don’t over plan. Rather, execute your plan and in the execution process you will find out if your plan works or if you need to tweak it or change the plan altogether. Now that I have a family of my own and I’m also a career woman, time has become even more precious to me. So I like to simplify processes that still will create great results. But I am also learning by doing. I am learning that making small steps consistently can even be more powerful than taking big leaps once in a blue moon.

I recommend the book The Self Discipline Blueprint by Patrick Edblad. I like this book because this book is about getting you to have the discipline to do what you need to do. But this book is also about self-care. It covers topics about the importance of having a good nutrition, about sleeping enough quality hours, about moving your body and staying active and it tells you why these things are important. And then you understand that if you want to accomplish certain goals in your life, you better start working on the things that will help you get there.

So plan, don’t over plan.


God bless you, with love,


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