IMG_4587 IMG_4591 IMG_4603 IMG_4605 IMG_4612 IMG_4613 The best view of New York City is not from New York City.  The best view of the City is from Boulevard East, a street along Weehawken, West New York,  and Guttenberg.  Even most Newyorkers do not know about, nor have seen NYC from this side.  However, some tour busses are starting to make their way to this side of the Hudson river to appreciate the view and capture it in pictures.  The most beautiful view of New York City is not from the Empire State observation deck.  It is from the Jersey side across the the Hudson.

Iron Bar In Time Square – New York York City


I left work at around 11:30pm, Tuesday night, June 17th. I took my usual E train and as usual got off on 42nd and 8th Ave.  As usual, I then take the bus and go straight home to West New York.  But this time I did not go straight home. I was hungry and so I walked to Kodama sushi, my favorite sushi restaurant. Unfortunately (or fortunately I should say), Kodama sushi was already close. But I was hungry and determined to find a place where I could eat something healthy and delicious at the same time.

I know that as a healthy eater, eating close to your bedtime is not ideal and definitely not recomended.  I regularly try to have my last meal three to four hours before my bedtime, however not tonight. Tonight I was hungry and wanted to eat. Since Kodama sushi was closed, it’s not like I had many options at this hours of the night (it was past midnight), but then again, I was in New York City—the city that never sleeps. I stepped into Iron Bar. Many times before I have passed by this place, yet I had never attempted to go in, but tonight I did. They serve food until 2 am. Yes, I know we are into healthy eating and not eating very late, but sometimes we eat late.

What was so special to me about this place, was that as soon as I walked in, Pierro, the host was so naturally hospitable. I am very critical of hospitality as it is my field of expertise. Pierro handed me a menu; I took a look at the options. I noticed that among their selection of dishes, they had some salads and gourmet pizza with smoke salmon. I wanted to eat some fish (that’s why I had originally headed to Kodama sushi), but I definitely did not want to eat pizza, especially at this late hours. So I asked Pierro if they could do a salad for me with the smoke salmon.  Pierro very kindly asked me which salad did I want and he even suggested one of the options—the beet salad.

Once I decided to go with his suggestion, he then introduced me to Jason, the restaurant manager. He asked Jason if they could make a special order for me. Jason shared this was the first time they were making this change (the salmon is only used on the pizza with smoked salmon), however, he did not hesitate and immediately sought to make the special order—the beet salad with the smoked Salmon.  Jason then had a server assist me to a table. When I received my salad, I was not disappointed. They exceeded my expectations.  This is one of the best salads I’ve ever eaten.  I also enjoyed the ambience of Iron bar; it is very inviting. The décor is an open floor plan with tall windows; wide doors that make you feel the outdoor is part of the indoor, and high ceiling. On the bar side, it has a series of TVs aligned for sports fans.

Thank you to the team at Iron Bar for accommodating my needs, to Pierro in particular for giving me such a warm welcome when I walked into the place.  I for sure will be back.

Thank you,


The Rebirth Of The World Trade Center



I pass by the 9/11 memorial site almost daily.  The museum opened its doors to the public a few weeks ago.  My mother had been wanting to go to the site, so we both went to the museum for the first time today.  It was a profound experience.  The museum is actually underground.  It is a story about the endurance, resilience, courage, rebirth and love of the American people.   God bless The United States of America.  God bless us all.


Before arriving at the memorial museum, we made a quick stop at the Liberty Park (formerly known as Zuccoti park) and took pictures with the financial man statue.

IMG_4293 IMG_4295 IMG_4297 IMG_4302 IMG_4305 IMG_4308 IMG_4310 IMG_4320 IMG_4323


IMG_4335 IMG_4366 IMG_4385 IMG_4393 IMG_4394 IMG_4406

My Bicycle and I


The summer is over and it’s time for autumn, but did I have a memorable summer time with my bicycle this past summer… I purchased my bicycle, a Giant Escape, last year (2012).  I had been wanting to change my workout and exercise routing and put some excitement to it, other than just hit the Gym every time.  So I opted for a good brand bicycle.  When I got my Giant, it was love at first ride.


Riding my bicycle gave me a sense of freedom and empowerment.  I felt the wind caress me.  I heard the sound of the birds.  Every time I rode my bicycle, I was present.  I was in the moment.  The summer of 2012 and this past summer I rode it On and Thru the George Washington Bridge; this was an experience I will never forget.   I truly felt I could go anywhere on my bicycle.  It was a feeling I cannot describe.  Let’s just say that each time I rode it, I became in tune with my self, with my surroundings.  I also became more in touch with nature.  It was just my bicycle and I.


I like photography and sometimes I would take my camera, with me and take random pictures of the scenery.



I took pictures of the trees while lying down on a bench in the park. 

IMG_3575 IMG_3577 IMG_3579 IMG_3580 IMG_3581



In this amazing, beautiful and busy world, where routine sometimes tends to get the best of us, I urge you to find time for yourself, time to ride, time to jump, time to run, time to laugh, time to meditate, time to just be in tune with your self, and where you are completely present in the moment.

Don’t wait to accomplish something big to feel successful.  You are already successful.  Keep setting goals for yourself that keep you motivated and continue to challenge yourself, but know that success is a state of mind and you can create that state of mind.  When you create a state of mind in which you always feel successful, you will start attracting to your life all those other things that will help you continue to be successful

Thank you