My Bicycle and I


The summer is over and it’s time for autumn, but did I have a memorable summer time with my bicycle this past summer… I purchased my bicycle, a Giant Escape, last year (2012).  I had been wanting to change my workout and exercise routing and put some excitement to it, other than just hit the Gym every time.  So I opted for a good brand bicycle.  When I got my Giant, it was love at first ride.


Riding my bicycle gave me a sense of freedom and empowerment.  I felt the wind caress me.  I heard the sound of the birds.  Every time I rode my bicycle, I was present.  I was in the moment.  The summer of 2012 and this past summer I rode it On and Thru the George Washington Bridge; this was an experience I will never forget.   I truly felt I could go anywhere on my bicycle.  It was a feeling I cannot describe.  Let’s just say that each time I rode it, I became in tune with my self, with my surroundings.  I also became more in touch with nature.  It was just my bicycle and I.


I like photography and sometimes I would take my camera, with me and take random pictures of the scenery.



I took pictures of the trees while lying down on a bench in the park. 

IMG_3575 IMG_3577 IMG_3579 IMG_3580 IMG_3581



In this amazing, beautiful and busy world, where routine sometimes tends to get the best of us, I urge you to find time for yourself, time to ride, time to jump, time to run, time to laugh, time to meditate, time to just be in tune with your self, and where you are completely present in the moment.

Don’t wait to accomplish something big to feel successful.  You are already successful.  Keep setting goals for yourself that keep you motivated and continue to challenge yourself, but know that success is a state of mind and you can create that state of mind.  When you create a state of mind in which you always feel successful, you will start attracting to your life all those other things that will help you continue to be successful

Thank you

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