Thank You 2019, Welcome 2020

2019 was a very special year for various reasons.  This is the Year that Isaac, my two-year old, going three, son really enjoyed Christmas.  Isaac’s first Christmas was in 2017 and while he was starting to walk at the time, he really did not understand what was going on. On 2018, I put a tiny Christmas tree on top of a table; Isaac was walking and running by his second Christmas and with safety in my mind, I opted for a small tree that was more a table ornament, than a tree. 

Christmas in 2019, however, was different for Isaac.  Isaac enjoyed it to the fullest.  Isaac and I went to Target to buy the Christmas Tree.  I had him help me choose the tree and as I loaded it on our cart I told him that he was a big boy now and that he would be able to take care of the tree.  Isaac nodded in consent.  We got some ornaments, paid for the tree and headed home to put it together.  Isaac helped me put the tree together.  He was just having a great time.  Christmas at home started early, we put the tree before Thanks giving.  To me, once November begins, it’s the season.

The Christmas tree was not elaborate.  I kept it simple, again, keeping my child in mind.  My boy is a very active child and very curious at that.  Once, we put the tree together and he saw the multicolor lights lit up, his facial expression turned into more joy as he started screaming wow!  He was just so happy.  He started calling the colors of each light, red, blue, green, yellow…  I just felt such a joy to see him so happy and enjoying what what’s going on. 

I also explained to him that Christmas is the celebration of the birth of baby Jesus.  That’s right, any time, is a good time for education.  With the tree up, his curiosity continued.  The first day the tree was up, he behaved nicely, just looking at the tree and passing by it back and forth.  As the days progressed, he started passing by the tree and poking the ornaments.  He then wanted to take the ornament-balls and play with them.  I explained to him the balls had to stay on the tree.  He then started throwing his toy-ball to the tree.   I reminded him of his consent to take good care of the tree.  In all, he was a little naughty with the tree but the important thing was that he was enjoying the season.  Eventually, he also learned to leave the tree alone and the tree survived the season.

In 2019 Isaac also did his first trip to the Bronx Zoo.  What a time he had with the animals, our favourite part so far (we did not get to see all the animals due to timing) was the children’s zoo where we got to feed the donkies, the llamas, goats, etc.  It was awesome. 

My husband, my child Isaac and I also traveled to the Dominican Republic, my native land.  This was another highlight for Isaac in 2019.  In the countryside, Isaac made numerous little friends.  I saw him running, playing, laughing and having fun as I had never seen him before.  This was Isaac’s second trip to DR.  His first trip was when he was about to turn three months old.  He then came back from the trip talking about all of his cousins and his brothers on my husband’s side, and how much fun he had.

Some other highlights for Isaac were: He went to the beach in The Dominican Republic. He went to The Grand Central Station (he loves trains and transportation).  He saw for the first time, the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Plaza. Let me guess he loves to explore just like his mama.

Thank you God for guiding us in 2019. Thank you God for you are our guide in 2020 and always. Welcome 2020; with God we can do all things.

God Bless You & with love,


How fast a baby grow

“Listen…and be wise, and set your heart on the right path.”

~ Proverbs 23:19 NIV


Over a year ago, a baby boy was born.  I can’t believe he is already so big; and this pics. are not even that recent.  They were taken in February for his birthday trip to Florida.  My baby has gotten so big so quickly.

Thank You 2016, Welcome 2017

Hello everyone,

It may seem late to say Thank you 2016 and Welcome 2017, as we are a quarter into 2017. However this has been my tradition to thank every old year and to welcome the new one on my blog. It has been quite a while since the last time I wrote and posted something. The reason for it: I was pregnant and my symptoms were very bad (I had hyperemesis). But I am happy to report that I am mom to a beautiful baby boy.  He was born on February. That being said, I thank God for 2016; there were many blessings and lessons learned.

2017, Welcome! My baby boy Isaac Ismael was born this year. Thank you God!  Just days ago it was my birthday, on March 18th, and my best gift from God was my baby.   My next post is actually about my experience being pregnant.   I wish you all the best.

With Love,