Remembering September 11

I really wanted to publish this post before midnight, but my schedule did not permit.  So here is a recount of my day yesterday, a day we will never forget: Tuesday, September 11th.  As part of my daily routine, I’m waiting for the bus that will take me in to NYC.  The sky is bright, bleu and clear.  It’s a little cooler than in previous days, nevertheless it’s a beautiful day.  I hop on the bus; it rides along what I call the most beautiful street-Boulevard East in West New York, New Jersey, my town.  From afar, I can appreciate a view of the Freedom Tower standing tall.  I observe the Hudson River how calm it seems today, as if it too is paying a moment of silent for what took place 11 years ago.

Pictures taken while on the bus

We ride through the Lincoln tunnel and in New York City we arrive.  As it was expected, there was a lot of police activity everywhere in the city, yet it was more manageable moving around then last year, the 10th anniversary. I stroll the streets of NYC at least five days a week yet today it feels very different.  Of course, it is a special day.

I meet some firefighters.  They take a moment to pose for Querinexplores I want to thank the FDNY for always being ready to protect our great city and for always being willing to take a brief moment to pose for the cameras :).

Beautiful K-9

I meet Michele, she is a detective with NYPD.  She and her team were on a special operation during 911 called, operation Hercules.  Their job…to keep the city extra safe.

Then I meet Honschar.  As you can see, he is an artist who was filling the sidewalks with special phrases and quotes for this special day.


You may find more about Honschar on his facebook page at

Here she is, the Freedom Tower, up close. One World Trade Center will be her address once she is open for business.

Into the evening reflecting the patriotic colors of our great nation.  God Bless America!

Thank you!

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