Hello beautiful people – may this new year be an amazing year for us all.  Be fearless on the pursuit of your dreams.  And when fear tries to trickle in, kick it in the behind.

Someone very close to me gave me a word of wisdom a few days ago.  My sister in law and I were having a conversation about family matters and she said to me that sometimes when some people do not have any expectations of you, or do not believe in you, you should not try to convince them with words to believe.  Instead, she said, stay quiet and show them with actions.  That was the wisest thing I have ever heard her say and it really resonates  with me and with the things I am working to accomplish in life.  I actually believe this resonates with us all.

Be deaf to negative and destructive criticism and work hard towards accomplishing your goals and making your dreams come true.  That’s where your energy has to be spent.

Despite any challenges you may face this year, be nice to everyone.  Be nice to yourself. Take good care of yourself.  Nurture yourself and give empowering words to those around you.

I know that for me this is going to be a year of hard work as there are some important projects I am working on.  But that is a good thing; hard work is good work when you are working towards your goals and dreams.

God Bless you ALWAYS – and remember SPEAK LIFE…

With love,


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