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Hello beautiful people – I hope you’ve had a beautiful day.  When I opened my fridge today, I found this gorgeous green and crispy kale in it.  My appetite opened up.  I took the whole thing and prepared me this bowl of kale-Avocado salad.  I ate the whole bowl at once.  I know that my digestive system is thanking me for that; Kale has digestive enzymes which helps make digestion nice and easy.

Kale is an excellent source of carotenes, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and manganese.  It is a very good source of dietary fiber, as well as many minerals, including copper, iron, and calcium.  In addition it is a very good source of vitamins B1, B2 and E

Kale is an anticancer food and that makes it one of my favorite foods to eat — not because of the taste but because of what it does to your body.  Remember we eat for proper nutrition, not just for taste.  Kale has chlorophyl which allows the blood to transport oxygen to the cells, and brain in our body.

Oxygen is good for your body’s natural beauty.  Eating foods rich in chlorophyl such as kale and breathing properly will help us obtain the oxygen we need in our body.   All of your organs in your body and most of your cells need oxygen to function properly.  So do yourself a favor breath in/out deeply and consume foods that are rich in chlorophyl.

Do you now have a good reason to eat your greens, and specially to eat your Kale?

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