Let Go

Was there someone who came into your life?  Someone you did not necessarily invite, but somehow, filtered into your life, uninvited and unwelcome?  They somehow forced their way into your life, into being part of you.  Your instincts clearly told you to be aware.  Something inside of you told you to be careful, to not allow this person into your life.  Yet somehow, they kept pushing, insisting, persisting, in a “friendly way” in a friendly manner, to the point that you started letting your guard down and you allowed them into your life, despite that primitive instinct that alerts us when danger is near.

Maybe you allowed them into your life because you believe you are good, and your good will overpower and conquer their evil.  Your good will help them and will transform them into better human being.  After all, you believe you are a warrior for the good and a warrior goes out there and fight.  A warrior doesn’t hide.  No matter how bad they may be, you start caring about them.  You start wanting better for them.  When they speak negatively about themselves, you are there to tell them how special they are, and that no matter how bad they may think they are, God loves them.  No matter how bad they think they may be, they will never be too bad for God not to save them if they decide to change their ways.  You give them hope.  You listen to their problems.  You tell them to fight for what they truly love and to not give up on love, on live and on all the beautiful things God has created for us.

No matter how bad they think they are, you try to see the good in them.  You know you took a risk allowing them in your life.  You know you may have different paths in life, but you want to at least try to make a difference in them and remember all the good when you depart from each other.

Then one day, after you have been there for them, with them.  they turn around and coldly insult you, mistreat you, attack you.  They show no emotions, no feelings, no respect.  They try to bring your morale down.  They knew and know you are very special, but they are trying to make you feel otherwise.  They try to make you feel anger.  They say ugly things.  This however, doesn’t come as a surprise to you.  Your instinct after all, was alerting you all along, but you had decide to ignore your instinct.  You know that you had good intentions, the best intentions to try to help them, but now they are trying to hurt you.

You are strong and resilient, and you know they will not be able to hurt you.  They think they are hurting you but they are actually hurting themselves, because now, YOU, someone who truly cared about them, will walk away.  They will not change you into a bitter person, because you know better, because life has already walked you thru some strengthening experiences.  And in that process, you passed the test.  You did not become a bitter person, but one who is compassionate and know that people will let you down sometimes.  You did not become a victim, but someone who became stronger as a result.

When someone wants to destroy or harm you, they destroy themselves.  They harm themselves.  Even if someone tries to hurt you, your body and mind have and incredible capacity to heal itself.  Just allow it time, and the proper environment and thoughts and you’ll be amazed.  Let Go of them, let go of the person for good and without regrets.  Life teaches us lessons, some are easier and some are a little tougher.  I know this may be hard to do, but do a prayer for them.  After all, they will need a lot of prayer, because they will no longer have by their side that pretty AWESOME and AMAZING person–YOU.

“Forgiveness doesn’t excuse their behavior.  Forgiveness prevents their behavior from destroying your heart.” –#Beyondordinary


With lots of love,


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