I am so blessed.  I am so grateful.  This year, despite a few bumps on the road, has been an amazing year.  I say that for various reasons: I have grown more spiritually.  My relationship with God is more intimate.  He is my guidance in life.  I’ve made decisions and I’ve taken action in terms of my career.  I’ve made decisions in terms of my continuous growth and development.

I can honestly say that I am at a happy place in my life.  I still have a lot that I want to accomplish but I know that success is not just about reaching a destination. Success is enjoying the journey.  Success lies in the ability to be happy right now, doing what you do.  I have learned to listen to my inner voice and to become more in tune  with my intuition.  I feel something in me has changed in a very special way.  I am so grateful.

Before I reached this point where I am now, I was struggling with indecision.  When I was finally able to decide what to do, I felt relieved and ready for action and for the next step.  Indecision holds us back because since we do not know what decision to make, we cannot act upon it.  Once we are able to decide with a deep and inner trust and faith, miracles can happen.

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