Word of the week: Decision

“The hardest thing about the road not taken is that you never know where it might have led.”

-Lisa Wingate

Decision: n. 2. The act of reaching a conclusion or making up one’s mind.  4. Firmness of character or action; determination.

“Decision.” The American Heritage Dictionary. 4th ed. Houghton Mifflin Co. Boston-New York: 2006.

Life is about making decisions.  But most important, I believe life is about the decisions we make.  There are decisions that once made are irrevocable; these decisions may require (although not all the time) careful thought and consideration.  There are day to day decisions that we put very little thought on and are almost automatically like brushing our teeth, eating, etc.

Sometimes we delay on making a decision in our lives waiting for the right time and/or opportunity to present itself.  It could be that you kept waiting for all your hard work and dedication to finally be recognized in your job and finally get the promotion you deserve.  It could be you discovered you have a passion in another field and you want to change your career path and start all over in a new field. It could be moving to another city or even another country.  It could be that you have been wanting to eat better.  It could be anything.  Yet, what happens when that opportunity  does not arrive or the time doesn’t seem to present it self? Do you keep on waiting? or Do you DECIDE to do something?  One day you look back and you see that a whole year has passed and nothing happened.  Two years passed.  Three years, four, five, and before you know it, a good portion of your time, of your life, has passed…and nothing has happened. We are constantly making decisions; the decision of not making a decision is also a decision. I do agree there are decisions in our lives that we need to wait on before making them.  But how long do we wait is the question.

It could also be that you might feel tired of all of life’s setbacks.  You already tried different things and nothing seemed to work.  You may feel you don’t have the energy to make any changes in your life that will better it.  But in any of these cases, then you must make a decision to better your life.  Make the decision today to take better care of yourself

You are born to enjoy the abundance of life.  The day to day routine and stress can make us lose focus.  Not taking time to pray or meditate can make us forget about all the resources that are already there for us.  You are meant to be your best.  You are meant to love what you do.  You are meant to be treated with dignity and respect.  Be compassionate of those who do not know the difference, or do not understand that you are choosing different because you believe there is more to life then just to settle.  You may end up inspiring them to find their true self.

Whatever you do, do it with love.  If you do not enjoy what you do, then find a way to do what you love and make a living doing it.  Make the decision to be happy.  Make the decision to be the best you that you can be.  Make the decision to be a better you.  Look for role models. Learn their stories and how they overcame their obstacles.  You do not have to be extraordinary or perfect at something to make a difference, but you have do something to make a difference.  Remember that your own journey can later become an inspiration to someone else to be the best they can be.

With love,


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