Meet Miss GuineaUSA 2012

This past Thursday I had one of the most amazing experiences so far in my blogging journey.  I was walking in midtown Time Square, taking pictures with my new Canon T3i.  I was taking random pictures of anything that caught my attention.  All of a sudden, I saw a very elegant young lady with a very nice dress that reminded me of Africa.  I put my “shyness” aside and asked her if it was ok to take a picture of her outfit.  At first, she was a little hesitant and asked me the reason I wanted to take the pictures.  I explained to her that I was a blogger.  She agreed to let me take some pictures of her…and then she told me who she was.  Her name is Kadiatou D. Fadiga and she is Miss GuineaUSA 2012!

How lucky could I be to be able to meet and do one of my first posts about a woman who is elevating the name of women by representing women, acting as an ambassador and being actively involved in community services and conferences that adhere to empower young women as well as men.

I want to thank Kadiatou, Miss GuineaUSA 2012, for allowing me the opportunity to photo shoot her.  She is such a beautiful  young woman representing and putting women’s name at the top.  The pictures I took here don’t do justice to her beauty.  I’m still learning all the features of my camera and because I had to take the pictures very quickly (there were lots of people passing by nonstop), I did not have much time to get a clear focus on the image.

Ignore the Asian guy to the left; he was just one of the thousands of pedestrians who stroll along the streets of NYC.

Here are some other pictures I took.

Above is a picture of me holding Mary Poppins :)

This is a picture a took of two young…I’m not sure what you call them, dressed with umbrella skirts.  This one of the many things you see in NYC.

Thank you!

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