Who Has The Best Mom In The World? I do

“As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you;”

~Isaiah 66:13

Happy Mother’s day to all moms.  I’ll repeat it again.  Happy Mother’s day to all moms.  Today is mother’s day here in the US.  A thought suddenly came to my mind; Mother’s day is celebrated more than father’s day. This of course is no surprise to anyone, and this is not to say that father’s day should not be celebrated.  There are fathers who are awesome, but moms are usually the ones who really carry the responsibility of raising their children. 

First of all, moms start taking care of us from the very beginning.  Dad just plants the seed and goes about his business as usual; but that’s not the case for the mom.  Mom’s body starts changing right away.  For some moms, this is more obvious and more symptomatic than for other moms, but regardless moms are the ones taking care of us from the get go.  Dad only deposits the sperms (millions of them) and then the race starts for who is going to get to mom’s egg first.  That brings me to the next fact of life; you are already a winner.  If all your life you have felt as a looser, that is no true.  You won a race, way before you saw the light of this world.  You are a winner. 

Ok, let’s get back on topic…So now the egg has been fertilized.  Mom doesn’t know anything yet, but she starts feeling a little more tired than usual.  She stars feeling more sleepy (disclaimer: all moms are different.  Their symptoms differ).  Mom then gets confirmation that she has a new organism that is growing inside of her.  This news comes to moms in different forms:  Some are supper happy.  Some are scared. Some are surprised.  Some believe (and know) it’s a miracle.  The mom knows first.  Some dads never even know.  The mom is the first one to have that intimate connection with her child.  The mom’s life changes forever.  The mom is the one who makes the major sacrifice without expecting anything in return.  Some moms are lucky to have a supporting husband by their side (a supportive dad who also becomes an amazing dad), but the truth is that is not always the case, so back to mom. 

The mom is the one with the body where that child’s life can be sustained until she/he is ready to come out to the world.  Jus think for a moment about all a mom has to go thru to protect her child even before that child is out in the world.  She has to be in the right state of mind.  She has to be courageous.  She has to have faith.  So much a mom goes thru and the crazy thing is that we almost take this for granted.  Back in the days, when medicine and technology was not that advanced, the number of women who died in childbirth was staggering. 

God uses the woman, the mom for that amazing miracle to bring life to the world.  If you as a woman decided you do not want to have kids (hey, I don’t blame you) because you want to focus on your career growth, developing your life, or because you think this world is overpopulated, or too messed up to keep bringing babies, whatever your opinion is, I respect it. And yet, I give thanks to God for all moms. 

Thank you all moms for putting up with us.  Thank you God for moms.  Thank you God for moms (This is not a typo).  Men take credit for many things, but there is one thing they cannot take credit for…for being a mom (although some do come very close to it). 

Thank you Mom for your love.  Thank you Mom for doing the best you could with the resources you had.  I love you like you cannot imagine, but however much that love is, I know you love me so much more. 

Thank you God for my mom.  I love you mom

“As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you;”

~Isaiah 66:13

God bless you, with love,


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