Don’t give up

When you eat, make it an experience!  Be, in the moment, be present.  Masticate your food.  Digestion starts in the mouth.  When you feel about to give up, look for inspirations.  In my case, food presentation matters.  When my food looks pretty on my plate, it makes me want to eat it.  There are people who only use their nice plates and silverware when they have special guests.  How can that be possible?  Use your nicest plates and silverware regularly–don’t wait to have company.  You will immediately notice a change in your mood.  You will feel good in the moment, and you will be creating memorable experiences for yourself.  A healthy body and mind creates good thoughts and creates good moods.  Every moment of your life is a special moment.


I had this salad while at work in my job’s cafeteria.  The pretty colors of the tomato, the cucumber and radish made me feel good.  It sounds strange to say that good food presentation makes me feel good, but it does.


Picture above: grilled calamaris.  Who said calamaris have to made only be fried…and I find that grilled taste 10 times better.


Spinach salad with salmon…simply delightful

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