Just Do it

Excuse me Nike if this phrase has been trade marked. My produces were delivered from Whole Foods this morning.  Immediately I got in the kitchen and cleaned my carrots, celeries, apples, etc.  Right after cleaning my produces, I prepped my veggie juice and drank it.  There was not much thinking; I just did it.

I know healthy eating is part of healthy living. I don’t have to overthink these things…making, drinking vegetable juices.  I feel good when I drink them.  I know my body is super happy when I drink them.  If my organs could speak and make gestures, I could imagine my digestive system, my kidney, my liver, my lymphatic system, smiling and saying “yes! this is what I need!”

Then why do I sometimes overthink drinking my veggie juice? I know part of it is that my palate craves the processed foods over the whole foods.  But I also know that when I have my produces ready in my fridge; when I prep my veggies in advance and they are ready to go in the blender or the juice extractor at any time, it’s much easier for me to just make the juice and drink it. If I have to clean the veggies each time I have to make a healthy veggie juice, there will be a lesser chance of me making the juice. So I’ve discovered that cleaning all the veggies before placing them in the fridge, will increase my chances of being successful on drinking, and eating my veggies.  Because when I come home tired, I have less steps to take to make my healthy drink.

Planning and prepping are keys to have execution. When execution happens, success is achieved. Then just repeat the process each time.

God Bless you, with love,


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