Four Months Already

Yes, I know time flies, but now that I have a baby I see a timeline of how fast it really goes. It feels as if it was yesterday when my bundle of joy arrived. He is now four months going five.

Being a mom has changed my perspective of life. I focus on purpose when I’m doing something. Why I’m I doing this? That’s the question I ask myself. That question gives me clarity and it helps me to engage on tasks and projects with more intent.

My baby is teaching me so much, not just how to change a diaper J. For example, my baby is my best time manager. With him, every minute counts. I enjoy the time he is actively awake to play with him, to do tommy time. When he is passively awake, I read out loud or put soft music. When he is resting, catch up on reading, writing or other tasks.

I also love how he has bonded with my husband. He loves spending time with his daddy. He knows he is loved. His smile is the most beautiful and the one that has brought the most joy to my life. What a great blessing is to be a mom.

Big hugs,




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