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Good day beautiful people,

I just got my Vitamix!  I had wanted to get one for quite some time and I am excited that I finally got it.  Good quality kitchen tools are an investment for health.  I was able to prepare my smoothies in a regular blender.  But the reason I got a Vitamix is so that I can take making delicious healthy foods to the next level. With my Vitamix, I will now be able to blend harder veggies like beets and carrots, which can’t be done in a regular blender.  It comes with a seven-year warranty, a binder-book recipe, a manual, a dvd, and a book recipe with recipes from master chefs at the Culinary Institute of America.

I have said before that my kitchen is my laboratory where I prepare healthy foods.  I also find a special enjoyment when I make my own meals.  I prepare my meals with love and in addition to all the healing properties that the products I use may have, my meals also have the love I put in it.  I believe love is a key ingredient on any meal.

Have a lovely day,




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